Come to this place of tranquility, refuge and healing, in the mountains of Costa Rica, where you can find your true self, in peace. Not through destruction, not through breaking, but merely by a quiet allowing, dissolution… letting go. 

Peace and healing will join you here, simply because you are willing to let go of the limits you have placed upon love, forgiveness and being whole.  You will learn to trust yourself. Nature speaks to you here, if you are silent and listen.

Heed the gentle call.  Come and enjoy staying in this peaceful paradise, whatever your reason.  You might come just to get away, have a break.  You might come to write and focus.  You might come for personal healing.  All are welcome and we will take beautiful care of you here.

We are located on the slopes of the Barva Volcano, 7.5 kilometers above the village of Barva de Heredia in the cooler climates at 1700 meters / 5700 feet above sea level.  We are 35 minutes from the SJO Airport, longer during rush hour.

We offer just lodging, in our glorious guest house, as well as Writer’s Retreats and  All-Inclusive Personal, Couple and Family Retreats.  Meals are optional, with lodging, and delicious.  We are happy to provide an all-inclusive price for 3 meals daily, plus lodging.

Wendy Strebe has spent more than three decades studying and integrating many forms of holistic healing, including nutrition/diet, Reiki, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbs, meditation, vibrational/sound healing.  She also connects on a spiritual level with many guides, ascended masters and angels.  Wendy is a chef and can produce meals for any diet.  Wendy is a writer and has written many articles and is working on some books.  Wendy has helped to positively change the lives of hundreds of clients, suffering from depression, inability to move forward, severe trauma, chronic pain, various relationship issues, as well as “terminal” and “incurable” diseases.  

Erich Strebe is a permaculture specialist, gong master and personal life coach.  He has also apprenticed as a sou chef and is an amazing baker.